The (not so) Simple Art of Mindfulness

Being mindful is about being present in the moment as it happens. It is about doing just one task at a time and being fully invested in that task. Over the past few months I have been pushing myself to delve deep into mindfulness. To stay present in the moment and go with the flow … Continue reading The (not so) Simple Art of Mindfulness

Beltane Messages

Express your self positively to get what you want. Let them know how you feel. -Robin Messages from the spirit realm can be found all around us. Each and every day we are given signs, symbols, totems, and guidance from the realm of the spirit, that we typically turn a blind eye to. The messages … Continue reading Beltane Messages

Ganesha: God of New Beginnings, Success, and Wisdom Remover of Obstacles

For sometime I have felt called to the Hindu deity, not knowing much about him I was reluctant to heed the call. Recently I came across this gorgeous lava rock Ganesha statue on a clearance table at my favourite New Age Metaphysical store, Moonflowers. I was immediately drawn to the image and knew it was … Continue reading Ganesha: God of New Beginnings, Success, and Wisdom Remover of Obstacles

Aligning My Bowls

There is a term we use in within the Yoga Assisting community called "Aligning the bowls", in essence it means when a Yogis upper portion of their body is in total alignment with the lower portion of their torso. In certain poses this alignment is essential for the Yogi. It allows them to be in … Continue reading Aligning My Bowls


pres·ence /ˈprezəns/ noun 1.the state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing. The theme for this weeks 40 Days to Personal Revolution is Presence. It speaks to how present we are in our daily lives, and what we need to do in order to be more present. It asks us if … Continue reading Presence…